Business gatherings

Business customers can rent a presentation area in our Tasting Hall amidst the serene atmosphere of our abbey.

Abbey lunch (at least 10 persons)

Abbey Lunch Basic (from €12.50 per person)

  • Rich and luxurious cold meal with a variation of Trappist bread from our own bakery, baked by our monks.
  • You can top the freshly-baked bread with:
    - Various Trappist cheeses from our own cheese dairy. All made with organic milk.
    - Various local meat products from our artisanal butcher.
    - Confectionery.
  • This cold meal includes a mixed salad with a dressing made with La Trappe Blond and a homemade egg salad.

  • Various expansion options for the Abbey Lunch are available. For more information, please contact us via: / 013 572 26 50.
  • The Abbey Lunch is available:
    - Upon reservation for at least 10 persons.
    - Monday to Saturday.
    - Monday to Friday with a maximum of 80 persons.
    - Saturdays with a maximum of 30 persons.
    - On Saturdays, this lunch cannot be served after 13:00.

Rent a presentation room

The Tasting Room features a presentation room named the ‘Film Room’. Our film room can hold a maximum of 40 people (In theatre seating). Other seating arrangements are available in consultation, depending on the number of people present.

  • Rent film room (8:30 to 12:30, including projector, screen and flip-over): € 130 per day.
  • Conference arrangement (Coffee, tea, flat and sparkling water) € 8 per person.

  • Ending your conference with a lunch or excursion is, of course, also an option. For more information, please contact us via: / 013 572 26 50.
  • The film room is available:
    - On Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 at the latest.
    - No conferences can take place in the afternoon.
    - If you want to arrive earlier or start the conference earlier, this is possible. This will incur an extra charge of € 30.