La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged (11%)

In 2009, the Koningshoeven Brewery reinstated an old tradition by aging La Trappe Quadrupel in oak barrels, thus creating a unique Trappist ale with a perfectly balanced flavour, special aroma of wood, and an alcohol content of 11%.


Pure indulgence for the genuine ale lover

Trappist specifications

11% Alcohol
12-18 °C Serving temperature
Ingredients: water, malted barley (Munich, pale, caramel, roast), glucose syrup, hop, yeast
Colour: 35-50 EBC
Bitterness : 16 BU / I
Shelf life: 300 months (bottle)
Available in: 37,5cl
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The complex taste depends on the type of barrel in which it is aged and therefore, each batch is different. The ale continues to ferment after bottling, may be kept for many years, and offers real indulgence to the genuine ale lover.


The aging process involves new as well as used barrels. The tantalising combination of flavours thereby created depends on the drink that had been previously stored in the barrels, whether it was port, whisky, wine, or brandy. The ultimate taste is also affected by the type of wood the barrel is made from. New oak casks, for example, give the ale its characteristic tannins, which impart a delicate vanilla and almond flavour.

Batch 29

We have meanwhile proudly presented BATCH 29.

To achieve the optimal quality of Oak Aged, Quadrupel has matured for three years in Bourbon barrels. This double-oaked bourbon with double maturation in oak creates an even more intensive taste. Furthermore, the flavour of Quadrupel remains well preserved. Quadrupel has a fine-pearled beige head on top of the clear mahogany-brown beer. Quadrupel’s initial scent is the familiar fruitiness and malty aroma with a strong presence of caramel. This is immediately followed by many wood aromas, such as vanilla, almond and also tobacco-like scents. With the first gulp, the bourbon comes across modestly, yet clearly and you taste the fine and even balance between bourbon whiskey and beer. The result is an Oak Aged beer with the richness of American oak aromas, lightly burnt, and followed by warmed alcohol and a soft but clear presence of bitterness. Due as well to the long maturing period, the complexity of this beer is extremely high and new taste associations keep surfacing. Carbonation keeps the taste refreshing in spite of the rather high sweetness and provides a nice tingling in the mouth.

BATCH 29 was distributed as follows: 

Type in BATCH
Bourbon 90%
Oak High Toast 5%
Acacia 5%

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