La Trappe PUUR (4,5%)

Colour: Light-blonde and unfiltered  Trappist ale with a sturdy collar.

Aroma: Refreshing and fruity aromas of the yeast, combined with the flowery scent of citrus caused by the hops.

Flavour: Only organic ingredients were used when brewing this Skal-certified ale. The result is an accessible, refreshing and smooth Trappist ale with a pleasant bitterness and a mild, dry finish.

Aftertaste: Pleasantly bitter, mild and dry.


Organic, top-fermented and accessible Trappist ale

Trappist specifications

4,5% Alcohol
4-6 °C Serving temperature
Ingredients: water, malted barley (organic), hop (organic), yeast, suiker (organic)
Colour: 7 EBC
Bitterness : 25.0 EBU
Shelf life: 12 months (bottle), 9 months (keg)
Available in: 33cl
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Brewed with green energy

La Trappe PUUR is Skal certified and is brewed with green energy. That is why Father Abbot has decided to name it PUUR (which means 'pure' in Dutch). The name stands for ‘Puritas’, a guiding principle for the Trappist Order, wich has found in 1098. The founders of this order strived for a life as pure (puritas) as possible.

The organically grown hop is purchased directly from the farmers. As early as 1884, the monks of the Onze Lieve Vrouw of Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot established a brewery to support themselves.

Although the modern production process and its quality standards cannot be compared to those of the past, the valuable and characteristic elements have been maintained. This applies to the recipes and the work ethic of the monks, as well as the respect for nature and solidarity with people. Consequently, the recipe for La Trappe PUUR arose from a combination between continuous striving for top-quality and a passionate devotion to beer, in which good stewardship of God’s creation is the main focus.