Sustainable and social

From the inner conviction of the monks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Due to their inner conviction, monks treat what God has given us with great care—people and the environment. For them, this is not a trend. Monks have done this for centuries and we continue their efforts. Corporate social responsibility in inextricably connected with La Trappe.

In all the departments of the organisation, employees are aware of the value and power of people and nature. By treating people and nature in a respectful and innovative way, they contribute to a more beautiful and healthier world, also for future generations.


Because La Trappe is an official Trappist beer, part of our profit goes to charity. La Trappe supports a very poor region in Uganda. A Trappist monastery has been established in this region. The brothers of this monastery are mainly specialized in agriculture and cattle breeding. That is how they help the local population build their economy. The money that the brothers currently earn is used to renovate two local schools and provide them of clean and safe drinking water.

Sheltered workshop

The Koningshoeven Brewery contributes actively to a sustainable and socially-oriented society. That is why we also work with people from the Prins Heerlijk and the Diamant group: people with learning difficulties and/or mental disabilities. We offer them opportunities by letting them do housekeeping, gardening and packing work, work in the catering establishments or work in the Monastery Shop.

Barley from the region

We try as much as possible to purchase raw materials in our own region or at source. Part of our brewing barley is bought in the region. This saves on transportation costs and ensures better control of quality. In addition, our brewery greatly values direct contact with the growers.

Green products

La Trappe is genuine and pure beer. We brew our beer only with natural products and reuse our residues and waste. For instance, the monks use our brewery spent grain, a high-fibre residue of beer, for baking bread in their bakery. This explains why our organic Trappist PUUR beer is SKAL certified.

Skal is the inspection body for the organic production in the Netherlands.