The Koningshoeven brewery makes a donation to Stichting Broodnodig

On Monday 22 April, Stichting Broodnodig received a cheque for €2,000.

Gerrit Poels, better known as father Poels, is a former priest and a well-known welfare officer in Tilburg. Gerrit is the founder of ‘Stichting Broodnodig’. Each night, 365 days a year, he cycles the silent streets of Tilburg at ungodly hours to leave a loaf of bread hanging from a door knob, or to throw it over the balcony of an apartment. Cruising the city like this, he easily covers about fifty kilometres and he has gone through 57 bikes by now! Bread and food go to people who would not have any or not enough food otherwise. These life essentials are made available by bakers, supermarkets and manufacturers.

Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven donated € 2,000 to this very special good cause, on top of contributions from various catering establishments. Any of the latter who had visited the brewery for an excursion during the past few months was asked to make a voluntary donation. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution and we want to wish father Poels all the best with his inspiring work.