‘Puurbos’ to compensate for CO2 emissions

During the development of the organic PUUR Trappist ale of La Trappe, the monastery and the brewery had one goal: to compensate for CO2 emissions to the greatest possible extent. On 26 January, this aim materialised in specific action: planting a forest on 1.3 hectares of farmland near the monastery. They named this the ‘Puurbos’ (PUUR forest).

In 2010, the brewery’s production exceeded 40,000 hectolitres for the first time. Achieving this result prompted the monastery to donate trees to all monks, brewery staff and packers from the Diamant sheltered employment unit.  On Wednesday they planted their own trees. Every tree can be recognised by the name label attached. The start of the foresting coincided with the high feast of the founders of the Cistercian order which the Trappists are part of. The Kyoto Treaty of 1997 stipulates that foresting can be used to compensate for CO2 emissions in rich countries. This is one of many ways to combat the climate issue.