New! La Trappe Jubilaris

La Trappe Jubilaris was especially brewed on occasion of our abbot’s 25th anniversary; from the 20th of August, this beer will be a temporary addition to our collection.

This unique Trappist beer of La Trappe was especially brewed on occasion of our Dom Bernardus’ 25th anniversary. On the 20th of August 1988, Dom Bernardus took his vows at the age of 20. Dom, derived from Dominus, the Latin word for 'Master', is a title for the prior in the Trappist tradition.

Dom Bernardus’ favourite beers are La Trappe Dubbel and La Trappe Isid’or. Therefore, the jubilee beer—in honour of the abbot—combines the best of both. La Trappe Jubilaris has a caramel-like flavour with a good bitterness and a full heavy flavour, despite only containing 6% alcohol. "Search for God and live!” is what Dom Bernardus would say. La Trappe Jubilaris is available from the tap and in 75 cl bottles in our Tasting Hall as well as in Dutch catering establishments. Be fast because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

La Trappe Jubilaris is zowel in ons Proeflokaal als in de Nederlandse horeca verkrijgbaar op tap en in 75cl flessen. Wees er snel bij, want op = op!