Layar brings to life the story of Isid’or

In December, a catering industry campaign will be launched that will focus on La Trappe Isid’or and will also explain about Trappist beer.

Brother Isidorus is the symbol of Trappist beer; he is the founder of La Trappe. In 1884, he began brewing Trappist beer, laying the foundation for the beer that has been brewed to this day. That makes brother Isidorus the founding father of La Trappe; La Trappe Isid’or, one of the eight Trappist beers, is named after him. This beer was brewed in 2009, on occasion of the 125th anniversary of our Trappist brewery. The public like the Isid’or so much that Abbot Bernardus decided to include it in the standard collection.


In December, our extraordinary story that dates from 1884 will meet the modern technique of today. Using the Layar app, you will be able to scan an image of brother Isidorus in various Dutch catering establishments; this will activate a video in which brother Isaac, the current prior of the abbey, tells about the rules of Trappist beer and about La Trappe Isid'or. Layar is an app that you can download for free through the app store; it looks like the well-known QR code. In addition, part of the profits from this campaign will go to charity! We support a very poor region in Uganda. A Trappist monastery has been established in this region. Our aim is to help the local population build their economy with the expertise of the brothers in agriculture and stock breeding.