La Trappe in Tournée Générale

On 7 February, La Trappe appeared in Tournée Générale on BRT 1. This was the first episode of the third series of this programme.

Experience expert Jean Blaute and Ray Cokes are out on the road in a VW van for ten weeks! They will be looking for the latest trends and traditions of the Belgian beer culture. Their search takes them from the Netherlands, to Belgium and northern France. They start at Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven, and they will be pouring all their newly-found knowledge in a new beer: the ‘Tournée Générale Premium Tripel’. Jean and Ray try to unravel the secret of the brewing Trappists and go in search of the roots of Trappist beers.

Follow this link to view the episode in question: (up to 11.08 minutes)