Cheese from the 'Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven' Abbey is the first and only Trappist cheese in the Netherlands

The brand new cheese room, opened in January, was established to give young monks a place to carry out meaningful work. The abbey is increasingly joined by additional young members. The average age at the abbey is 57, the youngest brother in the cheese room is 29 years old. The cheese room is run by four monks: Isaac, Job, Mozes and Albert. They were schooled as cheese makers at the Ruurhoeve in Hoogeloon.

Although the modern production process of cheese making and its quality standards cannot be compared to those of the past, we still find authentic characteristics. This applies to the recipes and the work ethic of the monks, as well as the respect for nature and solidarity with people. That is why the cheese is completely made from organic cow and goat milk from the region. This reflects the philosophy of the monks and fully corresponds with the desire for Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to natural cow and goat milk cheeses, various herb cheeses and beer cheeses are produced (with our own Trappist beer).

Currently, the cheeses are available in the Monastery Shop and in the Tasting Hall on the abbey premises, but the distribution points will soon be expanded.