The Governorship of La Trappe Trappist

The Trappist beers produced by La Trappe Trappist are authentic, sincere, unique in taste and have a rich history. They are brewed with people, nature and the environment in mind. La Trappe Trappist is a beer with a story, which is carefully guarded. By us and by those who work with our beer.

The unique La Trappe Trappist governorship enables you to embrace our story and to pass it on precisely. Besides the honour and appreciation, we award our governors with many attractive benefits.
In order to qualify for our governorship, you must meet certain conditions.
If you are interested, please contact our representatives.

The following hospitality venues are official Governors of La Trappe Trappist; a network of brasseries and cafes that serve Trappist beers in an appropriate manner and with the proper attention.